L I V E   W E B   C A M
The information below is from the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Environmental Management Office.

  • The cameras are directed west and southeast, with pictures taken hourly and archived for future use.
  • The air quality and weather information is updated every five minutes.
  • Clicking on the white data boxes will generate a graph of the weather and air quality data. The variable and time period of data graphed can be selected from the boxes at the top of the graph.
  • Air Quality data boxes are color coded green for good, yellow for moderate, orange for hazardous (to elders, childern and ill), and red for unhealthy. Clicking the related links will open a second tab in your browser and you will be exiting the EMO website.

    View info on the Air Quality Index for health effects at Air Now

    Access the Bishop Tribe's monitoring station data at the Tribal Environmental Exchange Network.

    Access the Bishop Tribe's PM-2.5 data at the US Forest Service's Airfire monitoring site