Weather Station

The Bishop Paiute Tribe monitors weather conditions on the Reservation. You can obtain current weather conditions and web cam image using the "Monitoring" tab above. You can also view other local and regional weather data portals by clicking on the "Resources" tab.

You can also visit the IPS Meteostar forecast site, which provides the National Weather Service forecast customized by IPS Meteostar for the Tribal Weather Station, with links to a lot of other weather information.

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Weather Station Equipment

Current weather conditions are measured using a battery of instruments, located at the top of a 10 m (30 foot) tower, next to the Environmental Mangament-A Office.

BPT weather station

The meteoroloigical station measures wind speed, wind direction, max wind gust, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, & solar radiation; and calculates resultant wind speed, resultant wind direction, wind direction standard deviation, & dewpoint temperature.


instrument tower


Web Cameras

The Tribe uses 2 cameras, one pointing at a fixed location, approximately 13 miles from the Reservation, and featuring Mt. Tom (Winuba), and one pointing southeast down Owens Valley, to collect information on visibility. Images are transmitted to the website once an hour, in PST. These images are juxtaposed with real time information on meteorological and air quality conditions, making it possible for website visitors to assess the contribution of various conditions to visibility. In addition, the images are archived on the Air Program’s server for use in assessing specific air quality and / or meteorological events.

The cameras are Star Dot Netcams and are contained in dedicated weather-resistant shelters. Specific software to transfer visibility information to the website was created by Bob Baxter of T&B Systems.

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webcam in place