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"Preserving the beauty of our aboriginal homelands "


The mission of EMO is to promote environmental stewardship through proactive approaches and solutions by sustaining our natural resources, protecting public safety, and providing public awareness through education, collaboration and policy. 

EMO was established in 1996 by Alan Spoonhunter, and has served the Bishop Paiute reservation, and neighboring communities for over 2 decades.  Alan Spoonhunter (1949 - 2006) is remembered as a community leader who helped start many tribal programs, and we remember him as being generous with his time and thoughtful with his advice.

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Current Activities

NEW! Tuhidda Na Koinui-Ti Program - Deer Hunting

An update from the Natural Resources Program that applications for the California State Big Game Drawing are available April 15th through June 2nd. ALL Bishop Paiute Tribal Members are eligible to apply!

Apply online, or at a local sporting goods store. A letter or printout of an unsuccessful drawing from the State Fish and Wildlife is one of the requirements to apply for the Tribal drawing.

If you have any questions about the Program please see contacts Tab above for Tom Gustie, Natural Resources Specialist.

Use this code or CLICK HERE to support the effort to promote hunters in Tribal households by filling out our survey.

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