Welcome to the Bishop Paiute Tribe Environmental Management Office

"Preserving the beauty of our aboriginal homelands "


The mission of EMO is to promote environmental stewardship through proactive approaches and solutions by sustaining our natural resources, protecting public safety, and providing public awareness through education, collaboration and policy. 

EMO was established in 1996 by Alan Spoonhunter, and has served the Bishop Paiute reservation, and neighboring communities for over 2 decades.  Alan Spoonhunter (1949 - 2006) is remembered as a community leader who helped start many tribal programs, and we remember him as being generous with his time and thoughtful with his advice.

We welcome you to browse the programs, activities, and services of the EMO using the tabs above.


Current Activities

postcard for hearing solid waste ordinance



flyer for drive through seed exchange


Weather and Skies Photo Contest - Through April

Open to community members. If you would like one of your (own) favorite photos of our beautiful skies, clouds, or landscapes included in an updated Air and Weather Community Photo Gallery, please send your photo and best contact info for response to emma.ruppell@bishoppaiute.org or just call the Air Quality Program at 760-784-9308. You can also submit photos using the 2021 Earth Day Challenge Survey. Please share your talent! You'll be credited in the photo caption or you can submit anonymously. Photos which are "wide" or square (not "tall") work best in the slideshow. As many photos as possible received will be rotated in the slideshow limits. As part of the EMO Earth Day community engagement activities, the Air Quality Program is taking photos through April. See the current slideshow here.

For at-home outdoor and science activities and curriculum for families and kids, visit the BPT Water Quality Control Program's Facebook Page and the BPT Food Sovereignty Program Facebook Page! Check out our Earth Day 2020 Magazine, full of activities, artcicles, updates, and other cool stuff to get you in action for at-home environmental activities.


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