Solid Waste Abatement

The Bishop Paiute Tribe Reservation residents are served by the Inyo County Landfill and the Bishop Solid Waste Management Company. Preferred Septic Disposal and Bishop Waste are both private solid waste disposal companies. Both of these companies operate in accordance with the Inyo County Solid Waste Management plan. There is no landfill on the Bishop Reservation and, because the county landfill is located three miles from the reservation, it is unlikely that the Tribe will develop an on-reservation landfill. Projected waste disposal capacity of the Inyo County Landfill is estimated to be adequate through the year 2097.

Based on the number of water and sewer connections, 600+ waste generators currently exist on the reservation. Of these approximately 570 are residential and 30 are commercial. Residents use a number of trash disposal methods, including commercial disposal services that provide curbside pickup, transporting trash to the nearby county, and discarding materials at recycling centers.



Program Goals

Protect the health and safety of all people working and residing on the Bishop Paiute Reservation.

Prevent pollution from solid waste including contamination of ground and surface waters.

Support Tribal self determination/self sufficiency.

Ensure that solid waste removal is efficient, convenient and affordable to residents of the reservation.

EMO Ingetrated Solid Waste Management Plan

Click here to access the Bishop Paiute Tribe Environmental Management Office Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan.