Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control are important to ensure the validity of any information collected, and to make sure that the numbers reported are a reflection of actual conditions.


  • Equipment audits with Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone
  • Equipment checks with Walker River Paiute
  • Tribal Weather Station down for QC/QA checks 2017
  • Manual precip gauge
  • With Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District
  • Equipment audits with Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone
  • Torque wheel used to check wind cups rotation
  • Training with Yerington Paiute staff
  • Training with Yerington Paiute staff
  • Parts service
  • Parts service -  chiller filter
  • At Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District
  • Upgrading the FDMS equipment
  • Comparing flow meters
  • Parts service - color coding!
  • Parts service
  • Placing the TEOM enclosure
  • Assembling the TEOM enclosure
  • Building the intrument platform
  • Training at Fort Independence
  • Training at Fort Independence
  • Equipment checks with Yerington Paiute staff
  • Weather station sensor checks
  • The station platform
  • Parts service - flow splitter
  • Pump rebuild
  • Wind motor console
  • Auditors calibration vane
  • Brunton compass
  • With T&B systems
  • Parts service - cleaning
  • Ozone monitor parts service
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Regular Data Verifications

Daily and monthly data verifications check to see if the numbers make sense, and if there are any errors that need to be identified and corrected. Use the "library" tab above to direct to QA related documents, including a presentation on QA in data management & validation in collaboration with with EPA R9 staff.


Regular Maintenance & Calibrations

Weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual maintenance checks are performed to make sure the instruments are operating properly, and to see if there are any problems to be fixed. We primarily use a Streamline Pro for regular flow checks, and aim to combine Bios Defenders & DeltaCal meters for calibrations.


Regular Outside Audits

A 3rd party audit of all monitoring systems is conducted annually at the station. Additionally, specialized staff from the Great Basin Unified Air Polluion Control District (GBUAPCD) have conducted quarterly equipment inspections to verify our local results. Recent audit reports are published and available via the "library" tab above.


Inter-Agency Assistance

The Bishop Paiute tribe participates in inter-agency quality assurance and monitor maintenance activities with neighboring tribes and agencies in CA and NV. This can involve trainings, audits, regular quality assurance checks, maintenance, installations, and any other type of technical assitance.