• Hike with Firstbloom
  • Terminal velocity activity with Firstbloom
  • The ingenious Bob Baxter, T&B Systems
  • Award winner Dr. Toni Richards
  • Field trip with Solar Futures students
  • Pyranometer lesson with Solar Futures students
  • Snowshoeing at Casa Diablo
  • With Clark County
  • Bird watching with summer students
  • Indoor air quality diagnostics class group
  • The air lab is temporarily converted into a landscape architecture studio!
  • Visibility and rock climbing lessons
  • Summer students explore Mono Lake
  • Housing landscaping project
  • Dr. Toni Richards with health study poster
  • Greeting award winners
  • Anemometers
  • Weather observations
  • Solar system activity
  • Fire extinguisher training with BRVFD
  • Bristlecones field trip group
  • Earth Day volunteer clean up event with Bishop Climbing Rangers
  • Earth Day volunteer clean up event with Bishop Climbing Rangers
  • Observing the July fireworks delivery with the Casino
  • AirMatters toolkit display
  • Firstbloom geology hike to Shannon Canyon
  • Distance measuring lesson with Firstbloom
  • Ice melting activity
  • Birds In The Classroom activity
  • Parking lot resurfacing project
  • Parking lot resurfacing project
  • Field trip to Owens Dry Lake
  • Vegetation sample at Owens Dry Lake
  • Viewing the Marina Fire burn scar at Mono Lake
  • Air station project with Big Pine Paiute staff
  • At South Lake with Firstbloom group
  • Summer students group with EMO and Cultural Center
  • With Big Pine Paiute and Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center staff
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The Air Program participates in a variety of activities to bring environmental results to the community, and environmental knowledge to learners of all ages and levels of education. Examples include Earth Day, special collaborations, projects, workshops and presentations with other staff and organizations, and field trips (often with EMO's award-winning FirstBloom program), which are featured in the slideshow above.

The Air Program also brings the learning to Tribal students, in science activities at the Tribe's Education Center and Head Start programs, Storm Spotter Trainings with the National Weather Service, Click the dropdown tabs under "Activities" above for photos and info for Science Education and Storm Spotters. Also, click on the "Library" tab for an archive of newsletters, which include many of these activities.

In 2021, the Air Program commemorated 20 years of weather and science education in the local Paiute communities. We thank everyone who has helped build this long history of opportunity for tribal youth!