Data Exchanges

In addition to the real-time air quality and meteorology dashboard found via the "monitoring" tab above, the Air Program has partnered with T&B Systems to display data from the Air Program and from the Water Quality Program in real-time, using Vista Data Vision software. This page displays air quality and weather data being collected and recorded at the station on the reservation, operated by the Air and Water Quality Programs, both located at the Bishop Paiute Tribal Headquarters on Tu Su Lane in Bishop, CA.

Air data is updated every 5 mins, with a 15 minute delay. Water data is updated every 30 minutes. Clicking on the boxes will open a graph of recently recorded data. Use the scroll and drop-down arrows in the graphs to view more data. NOTE: This data is continuously recorded and therefore is displayed at the PRE-VALIDATION stage. Valid data is submitted to WQX and AQS respectively. Please visit the Water Quality Program homepage for more info.


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